Hearing Aids of the Present not the Past

I was amazed to recently find out that more than 10 million people in the UK have some form of hearing loss, that’s a staggering one in six people, what surprised me more was that 3.7 million of these are aged 16 to 64 with 45,000 of these being children.

What surprised me even more was that out of the 10 million people suffering hearing loss only around 2 million of those have a hearing aid and even more surprisingly only 1.4 million of them use them on a regular basis.

It seems to me that there is still a great stigma about wearing a hearing aid with very little information about the real benefits that can be gained.  I can understand not wanting to wear one of those mammoth great big ugly type hearing aids poking out of your ear but what I don’t understand is why such a small number of people would not want to wear one of the modern day hearing aids when they are now almost invisible and offer amazing benefits in all areas of your life especially socially.

The technology of hearing aids has changed so much over the years and the people that I do know that wear a hearing aid were astounded by the results, comfort and the fact they are far less bulky than they used to be.

Hearing loss is a hidden disability that in many cases can be more problematic than many of the obvious disabilities that we all know and because of that can cause all sorts of problems and embarrassment, often when somebody speaks to a hard of hearing person and gets no reply they will think they are being ignorant and in most cases won’t even consider that they may have hearing loss.

Age UK provide an excellent resource about the benefits of the latest digital hearing aids including examples of the miniature sizes available, various types and the typical prices. Being the U.K.’s largest and most trusted elderly and disability organisation you know that you can rely on their findings, advice and professional services and on top of that every hearing aid supplied by Age UK comes with a full 24 month warranty and for those of you that are not sure if you can adapt to wearing a hearing aid they also offer a full no quibble 30 day money back guarantee.

If you want to know more about hearing loss, the benefits of a hearing aid and how to go about having a test with no purchase obligation then click on the highlighted link shown above or call age UK direct on 0808 115 1879 they will happily answer all of your questions, provide further information, links to video clips and frequently asked questions including the difference between an Age UK hearing aid and one from the NHS, where to buy batteries, what to do if your hearing aid develops a fault or simply arange a hearing test for you.

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  1. Digital hearing aids can be fine-tuned for every patient. Each person hears different sound frequencies at different decibel levels. Digital hearing aids permit the hearing specialist to vary amplification for each sound frequency based on the attributes of each person’s unique hearing loss.