Wheelchair Users and Trapped Wind

Excess trapped wind can cause excruciating abdominal pains for anybody but wheelchair users are particularly vulnerable due to being less mobile and obviously not walking around.

Okay, I can feel a few sniggers and fart jokes coming on so let's get those out the way first. Big farts, wet farts, loud and smelly farts. OK that's that sorted now on with the serious stuff.

Anybody having suffered with severe trapped wind will know what I'm talking about, it can literally make you think you're going to die or at best have a severe heart attack! Movement of any kind becomes excruciatingly painful so here are a few tips on how to avoid the buildup of trapped wind.

Try to avoid drinking out of a straw as this forces more air into your system.

Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly before swallowing

Avoid over eating foods that are rich in cellulose or protein such as:


Obviously the list of food above can prove vital for your healthy diet, I'm not saying don't eat them but it would be best to reduce the amount that you eat.


  1. I'd also suggest avoiding carbonated beverages. They can either cause this problem or make it worse.

  2. Very true, thank you for your comment Cat, please do call again.