The Sound of Silence

It shocked me to find out that around four million people in the UK suffer from undiagnosed hearing loss. One in ten adults currently suffer with mild tinnitus, with one in a hundred having hearing loss that seriously impacts on their lives.

Though many individuals are born with hearing problems and learn to live their life to the full, others see their hearing deteriorate later in life, or suffer damage in an accident. There are a huge range of factors that can cause hearing loss, including physical injury, autoimmune inner ear disease, damage to the inner ear and of course age related hearing loss.

For anybody interested there is a campaign to raise awareness of undiagnosed hearing loss, Amplifon have produced a handy infographic detailing key information about hearing difficulties, including the warning signs to look out for and how to prevent further deterioration. Well worth a look if you or a family member suffer from any form of hearing impairment. 

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