Happy 2012 from Ableize

Well here we are in 2012 and we survived the world coming to an end (so far) global warming and all the other atrocities that have threatened to be thrown at us.

I hope you all out there in cyber land had a terrific Christmas and that your New Year started with a bang and continues on an upward slope towards a very prosperous and happy 2012.

I am just off to trudge through the marauding crowd to return those broken, duplicate presents and just hope that the shop assistants are in a good mood as I don't have receipts for any of them, I will then be dragged very much against my will around the shops in search for sales that simply don't exist or if they do the money saved wont even pay for the petrol to get their.

As you may have gathered I'm not a lover of shopping, much prefer chucking it all in the online shopping basket and having Royal Mail deliver it to my door.

Rant over, have a terrific 2012 and keep your eye out for blog entries here that promise to be enthralling and holding you on the edge of your seat in excitement, unlike this one.

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