Customer Service Really Is Everything

Some time back I purchased an electric exercise machine called a Mini Walker, this is an excellent disabled exercise aid that enables wheelchair user such as myself to exercise their legs as this does all the turning for you electronically.

While the product purchase may be excellent the company selling them has a lot to be desired, let me explain. After using the unit a few times it was evident that I needed wider foot straps, I say evident I would have thought that it would have been obvious that many people that use these electronic exercises may well have swollen feet and because of that would require wider straps to enable the foot to fit completely into the unit. Okay all sounds simple enough, just contact the company and ask them if they can do wider straps, problem solved, or so you would think!

Coopers of Stortford that sell these units are very good indeed at selling them but when it comes to customer service, (one of the most important factors you should consider when purchasing online) they are probably amongst the worst I've ever come across and that really is saying something.

I contacted Coopers of Stortford by e-mail on May 18, I immediately received an automated reply back that says:
To enable us to deal with your enquiry efficiently, we would ask that
you allow up to 7 working days to receive our response. Please do not
resend or chase during this time as this may cause further delay.

On June 1 (14 days later) and still no reply I contacted them again and as of today June 10 (total 23 days) surprise surprise there is still no reply!

The unit that cost me one pound short of £100 today sheared a pedal off while I was using it! So I am now seething after throwing £100 down the swanny without a hope in hell of receiving a reply from a company that is very keen to take my money but not so keen to provide any form of after sales service.

Coopers of Stortford consider yourselves named and shamed. Disabled people have a massive £84 billion a year spending power in the UK, that does not mean we should be ignored when things go wrong!

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  1. customer service is always important but even more so for those of us who are disabled, as our ability to re-visit a store, say to complain or have a scooter or wheelchair serviced become much more difficult, or even have a product built in the first place.

    So when buying on line a proper first class delivery service is paramount, as once the product is delivered you are on our own. So an on-line store that provides a built and demonstration service is a great boon, plus the ability to contact the store via phone as well as email should be a high priority.

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  2. I have a speech writer which is supposed to only read my voice, you have to say lots of words and it gets use to your voice.

    I wrote a small blog and not to long ago I posted this thread about disability, in the middle of the comment was. Do you want a cup of coffee dear, Nathan shut the hell up your annoying me now, Nathan replying your always picking on me.

    I asked how do I stop people not me from making comments on the speech writer, they said do you have an accent, well yes welsh, and they said ah thats why it's picking up other people it's built for people without an accent.

    Who the hell has no accent for god sake.

  3. I would be very interested to know what speech writer you are using, is it DragonDictate?

    As with any speech programmes you need to make sure that you are not using a desktop type microphone, these will pick up all the background noises, I am using DragonDictate but with an earpiece microphone that is located around an inch away from my mouth, I have a television on in the background and I am using it now to write this, my wife has just started up her hairdryer and this is on in the background.

    Please check out the DragonDictate post here entitled disabled computer aid http://ableize.blogspot.com/2011/05/voice-activation-systems.html and also click on the link to watch the video clip.

    Feel free to get back to me if you still have problems.