Disabled Cruise Holidays

Cruise ship access for the disabled:
Not having had a holiday for about five years, I was finally persuaded by the trouble and strife to take her away, we checked out accessible cruises and it seems to be an ideal hol for the less mobile, no accessible hotels to worry about finding, no worry about finding restaurants or getting from A to B etc, its all on hand.

If you choose a big cruise ship it will have plenty to do and loads of chilling out to be had, well that's the plan, will let you know.

Most modern cruise ships have fully adapted disabled cabins, loads of lifts giving access to all levels and many have accessible travel laid on for excursions ashore if you want.

One bit of advice for wheelchair users if interested is try to get a cruise that leaves and returns to the same port so you can avoid all the messing about being man-handled on and off planes if choosing a fly cruise option.

Will give you all an update when done and dusted, in the meantime if anbody has got any advice i'd love it hear it.


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  2. I agree, I recently had a accessible cruise holiday to Norway and me as a wheelchair user could not get off the cruise ship for excursions unless I was manhandled into a lifeboat and then off the other side.

    Decided not to and stay on the ship, trouble is as 80% of the passengers were getting off, the ship basically shuts down, no entertainment etc. Like you say "more improvements are needed"

    Thanks for raising this!