Accessible Hotel Accommodation

The madness and insanity of trying to book a hotel room to cater for me as a wheelchair user is driving me nuts (OK I was nuts before that so lets say nuttier)

If you want to book anything other than a bog standard Travelodge with no restaurant and a bed made of house bricks you will be stuffed. Most online hotel booking is now done through affiliate websites, they do not give any option to book a disabled room or even tell you if they have one and the last thing they will do is give you the hotel contact details because you might just book direct and cut out their referring fees.

I have started a new category in Ableize that I hope will build over time and help others in my position, its called accessible hotel accommodation.

As an update on ableize, we now have almost 500 local disabled groups and clubs located throughout the UK and have increased the number of sites to nearly 2500, not bad for a one man band hey! Pop in and take a look around by clicking Disability we have disability in the UK and Ireland covered.

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