Disability Living allowance and the Budget

Today’s budget in the UK announced that disability living allowance will continue as is for the time being but come 2013 there will be medical assessment made of all those currently claiming as well as new claimants.

Don't know your views on this but my take on it for what its worth is GREAT, shame its not immediate, yes those of us genuine cases will have to put up with a bit a hassle but my guess is those of us with lifetime disabilities will be given permanent acceptance without the need of refresher visits to the GP.

Why am I so pleased about this? Well, I am sick of hearing about the thousands of people that have in the past had some kind of disability (or pretended to have a disability) but have now either recovered naturally or recovered fully after an operation but still think they have the right to continue not only claiming to be disabled but claiming money to boot and no checks on these people has for many years let them carry on cheating the system.

I can only hope those that have diddled the system for years are now searching the papers for a job ready for when they make a miraculous recovery just before their assessment.


  1. The main worry is that it will not be a one-off, even for life-time disabled, instead being recurring medicals on all of us. And that it'll almost certainly be managed by ATOS, who get a bonus for every claim rejected, but don't have to pay for the cost of appeals. And who've demonstrated their mishandling of ESA examinations, where 50% of disabled applicants had to appeal to get the benefits the deserved.

  2. Lets hope that any cock up's in the system will be ironed out quickly, mind you, it might hit Motability sales as there may be a reduction in cars claimed by the 'i have a slight limp now and then so i'm disabled' gang!

  3. I agree with the article, if a person has a genuine disability then they have nothing to worry about. The only people to be concerned are those benefit cheats who are making false claims.

    I'm also in favour of the changes as they may also put a end to headline grabbing stories of fraudster pretending to be unable to walk but then film and evidence being released showing them playing football.

    By toughening up the rules not only will it stop excesses of the system but also help to restore credibility to the benefits system as a whole and ensure that there is more money around for genuine disability cases.

  4. My worry on this issue is the same as barberio, and the memory of first claiming DLA. It was refused due to a report of a person (not my GP) not knowing my medical history, and who spent less than an hour in my home doing a Tick Test questionnaire?
    I too want to see a Fair Deal for the Disabled, but hold out no real confidence in any government not "Cocking it Up" when it comes to the disabled, or the benefits system as a whole.
    Yes we all want to see the non disabled (False claiments) caught, but it is my feeling that many disabled will end up losing out in one way or another with the benefit system changes coming.