Mobile Phone Perks for the Disabled

I have been having problems with my mobile phone lately and sent it back for repair, 5 days later and still no mobile. Hell, how did we survive without our trusty mobile? For the disabled its not just the convenience of rattling out text messages by the dozen about the weather or what we had for tea, will leave that to the kids of today that can’t seem to amuse themselves unless it involves hitting buttons in some shape of form.

No, for the disabled its more about a lifeline, security and knowing wherever we are we can get somebody on the end of a phone to help if needed.

Anyway, back to the heading subject, I learnt today that many mobile phone companies offer preferential services to their disabled customers. Example: I’m with 3 mobile (well someone has to be) and after the 5 days of not having a mobile I’m told by my friendly guy in Mumbai or wherever he is that if I am disabled and get a form filled in by my GP to prove it, then when my phone goes wrong they will replace it immediately, no more sending it off and waiting days on end without a phone, they just replace it with a new phone. You can also get:
mobile phone image
  • Free use of their directory services if unable to use the printed directory
  • Large print or Braille bills
  • Text benefits for the deaf etc
  • Priority repair service as mentioned above

If you are disabled and on a monthly contract I’d strongly suggest you check out your provider's special deals for disabled customers. You might have to ask for details or dig deep on their websites (no they aint going to make these freebies easy to find!)

The info above is if you are on the 3 network but other providers offer varied services. Application form for 3 disability services is tucked away on their site but I will save you looking click Application for disability services on 3 three.co.uk

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