Finding a Wheelchair Accessible Property

Being a wheelchair user creates all sorts of accessibility problems in all walks of life from a simple trip to the theatre, restaurant, booking a holiday or just a day out involves a great deal of planning and numerous phone calls to make sure that the place you want to visit is accessible and you won’t be greeted by a flight of stairs, non-accessible WC or corridors or entrance doors that are impossible to get through in your wheelchair.

Thanks to the Disability Discrimination Act (now the Equality Act 2010) many of these places are now accessible but we still need to check and if not make alternative arrangements such as visiting a different theatre, restaurants etc, however, if you are a wheelchair user and you are looking to buy or rent a property you will undoubtedly find yourself facing major barriers due to very few estate agents having any knowledge of what is an accessible property and this includes the major online property experts that have not yet woken up to the requirements of the Equality Act and the needs of the disabled.

Thankfully there is an accessible property specialist out there that has fully taken on board the needs of the disabled when buying or renting a property as well as offering management services to owners looking to find suitable disabled, wheelchair user tenants.


What Is an Accessible Property

This greatly depends on your disability and your exact needs, a wheelchair user for example will require either a level or ramped entrance, doors wide enough for wheelchair access, ground floor facilities such as a WC/wet room large enough to cater for a wheelchair user transferring on and off their chair as well as room for a carer if needed and off course a bedroom that offers enough space to maneuver etc.

People with vision impairments will be greatly assisted by doors, steps, handrails and any obstacles contrasting strongly in colour, such as dark coloured door against light walls; many vision impaired people will not see a white door located against a white wall.


How do you Find an Accessible Property

This can be tricky and a lengthy as well as frustrating search if you use the everyday estate agent, most property sales and letting agent will think about where the nearest school, railway or major road network is if you ask them about “accessibility” so if you take this route be prepared for a lengthy search.

Thankfully there is a property sales and letting agency called Branch Properties that specialise in finding accessible housing to buy or to let as well as helping sell your wheelchair adapted or accessible property by connecting you to disabled people serious about buying or letting.

This unique and personal service has been a long time coming and fills a much needed gap for people with disabilities that need an accessible property. Check them out by clicking any of the highlighted links or call them direct on 020 3475 4022 to cut through the minefield of buying or renting a property that meets your personal needs.

Branch Properties also provide dedicated property management services, so if you are the owner of an accessible property and you want to let it to a disabled person of family with a wheelchair user why not give them a call and get connected to a trustworthy and suitable tenant just waiting to rent your property. 

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