Learning to Cope with the New Disability

Anybody that has experienced a sudden life changing situation through accident, injury or illness will no doubt be able to fully empathise with this article and in many cases look back and think “yes I could have done it differently to cope better” so I hope that the views of fellow disabled people will not only enable you to continue coping and building a better life but also act as a valuable resource for anybody finding themselves newly disabled and struggling to cope with the massive changes that disability often brings along with it.

Many disabilities can happen in a split second such as spinal or head injury through a road accident, If you are one of the lucky ones you will recover and gain full mobility and be able to continue with your life as before. Sadly many serious accidents or illness will result in a permanent disability that will undoubtedly change your life forever. However as the old saying goes, “life does go on” and in time you will learn to adapt and enjoy life, albeit from a different direction than you may have originally intended.

Give Yourself Time
One of the most important steps that you need to take on your journey to recovery is to allow yourself time to process the situation and although it is very difficult at the time; try not to get too down about worrying about your uncertain future.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask the Help

There will always be situations in our lives where we will need to get help from others and finding yourself suddenly disabled in any shape or form is certainly one of those situations where excepting the help of others will be a valuable step in rebuilding your life. Whatever your situation there are always professionals, support groups and others that fully understand your situation just waiting to help you on your journey to recovery. Never be afraid to ask for help. You will be amazed at the vast support resources out there, simply Google your condition followed by “support groups” and you will undoubtedly find local and national organisations that will prove to be invaluable to you.

Financial Assistance
Never fret about money concerns at this stage but if your disability was caused by a road traffic accident, medical malpractice or workforce accident or any accident that was not your fault you should consider a claim for compensation from a reputable company such as First4SeriousInjury they will offer you a free case evaluation. Other areas to consider when the time is right includes tapping into the many Disabled Facilities Grant’s available from your local council as well as a whole range of other disability grants that may be made available to you.

Learning to Adapt
Although it may not seem immediately obvious you will in time learn to adapt to whatever restrictions your disability gives you and you will ultimately find yourself going in a new and exciting direction that you would never have previously considered. There are many sports, recreational and social activities out there waiting to be discovered as well as numerous opportunities for employment if you are unable to return to your previous job. 

Try to be positive and although all not always possible do try retain your sense of humour. Sometimes in life we only have two options and that is to cry or laugh and laughter is always the better option and remember that whatever life throws at you and however bad you think your life or future will be, “things can only get better” and they will.

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