Campaign For Disabled Nappy Changing Facilities

Parents and carers of severely disabled adults and children that need to wear nappies have virtually no facilities outside of their adapted homes should their nappy need changing. This is a long-standing problem that is yet to be addressed by the Equality Act.

Thankfully the parents and carers have a campaign called Space to Change on their side that is battling on a daily basis to try to get adult changing facilities available in public places such as large restaurant chains, hospitals and clinics and public venues where possible.
Space To Change
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It was not that many years ago that disabled WC facilities were virtually unheard of in public places so with your help things can hopefully change for the better and start including standalone changing facilities for adults and children the same way that we now commonly have baby changing facilities for parents of children and toddlers.

The Space to Change campaign is aiming to convince businesses and public venues to replace their current pull down baby changing units so that they can be height adjustable and of a size that caters for children requiring nappy changing facilities as well as looking to convince the Equality Act 2010 to include a requirement of adult nappy changing facilities the same way that we currently have disabled WC facilities for wheelchair users, the blind etc.

So if all you good people out there in cyberspace could take a few minutes out of your time to check out the Space to Change website and click on the Download Campaign Pack where you will find information about how your assistance can seriously help the campaign.

Visit The Clos-o-Mat Website
The UK’s number one supplier of adult changing facilities is a dedicated and long-standing company called Clos-o-Mat that supply adult size adjustable changing tables with accompanying hoists as well as a whole range of personal hygiene products for adults and children with disabilities including wash and dry toilets offering greater independence, those all-important transferred, grab and support rails, shower seats and many more related products to meet the washing and toileting needs of all disabilities.

Check out the Clos-o-Mat website for full product details including how to receive a no obligation survey for your home, restaurant, business or any other public venue or follow the highlighted link to find out more about the campaign and why we need Changing Places Toilets.

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  1. WOW this is a subject that I just never thought of but OMG I can really see how important, no VITAL it is to have these facilities, after all we do seem to cater for most disabilities so surly is a right to have changing places for those that needs it.

    I'm just imagining the outcry if parents were denied baby changing facilities so lets hope the disabled will be treated the same, seems they are not at the moment!

    Great post, thank you for bringing this subject to my notice.