Stairlift Providers to Trust

It would seem that wherever you look on the Internet these days there is some company selling, maintaining or installing stairlifts so you would certainly be excused for not knowing where to turn or who to trust as a reliable source.

Unfortunately we live in a world that seems to becoming more and more unreliable when it comes to choosing the most reliable company in whatever product we are looking to purchase. But thankfully one of the U.K.’s most trusted resources for the disabled and elderly previously known as Age Concern is at hand to offer professional and trusted advice and services in all areas of stair lifts.

Age UK as they are now known and have been since 2009 offer a whole host of mobility related products and daily living aids including walking aids, recliner chairs, bath and shower solutions and you can relax with the knowledge that you are dealing with what is probably the best and most reliable mobility advice and supply organisation in the UK.

Ableize gets asked on a regular basis if we can recommend stairlift models and manufacturers etc. So today we are looking at stairlifts from Age UK I have included a link to their website so you can check them out for yourself.

The first thing that struck me was the ease at which the information is provided, the site includes buying guides, details of their all-important low price guarantees, how to receive a free DVD guide and if you are still not sure they include a UK based freephone telephone number to answer any questions you may have.

Being the U.K.’s best-known resource for the elderly they even offer a 14 day money back guarantee, a two-year peace of mind warranty on all stair lifts and also the option to buy reconditioned stairlifts that carry forward the same standards including a full two year parts and labour warranty.

Home visits are completely free and they provide stair lifts to meet all individual property needs including straight, curved, standing position and also outdoor stair lifts all providing emergency battery powered backup in the event of a power cut and all offer easy-to-use controls.

For more information, to book a free home visit or request an advice pack call them seven days a week on a 0800 566 8742.

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