The Beginning of the End for Disabled Parking Abuse

If you read through disability forums and blogs you will find one subject always crops up and one that undoubtedly annoys disabled people more than anything else and that is the abuse of disabled parking bays by the non-disabled. As a wheelchair user and a driver I am not alone in forever not being able to park in supermarkets, authority run car parks, doctors surgeries or hospitals and other areas that offer disabled parking.  Often somebody without a disability has decided that they “will only be a few seconds” or that they like to park their precious vehicle in a larger parking bay in case it gets damaged by other users.

As a community disabled people have been shouting and screaming about this for many years but sadly it has been falling on deaf ears. A survey of disabled people recently asked:
Do you believe disabled parking regulations are enforced enough in your area?
A massive 90.5% said NO! 

Now help is at hand for all providers of disabled parking as well as being a very welcome deterrent to abuse of disabled parking bays Disabled Parking Management solutions provide monitoring of disabled and also parent and toddler bays to minimise their abuse, their services recently provided in three car parks of the Greater London area have resulted in disabled bay abuse falling by a massive 70%. Now that really has to be something worth applauding and investigating further.

Many disabled people take to placing stickers like those you can see here on the windscreens of abusers or even tackle them personally only to receive a torrent of abuse or pathetic excuses. With the unpredictable society that we live in it is not advisable to confront people this way, however as disabled people we need to make a difference and highlight these valuable services to the likes of supermarket chains, health service and hospitals and local councils that like 80% of people reading this will not be aware that monitoring services that really can make a difference are available.

Gemini Parking Solutions are dedicated to providing a whole range of parking enforcement systems and the monitoring of disabled bays.

If you want to make a difference and protect your right to park as a disabled Blue Badge holder don’t just moan about it; do something positive, write to your local authority, supermarket, GP surgery etc where you are experiencing parking difficulties and tell them of the services available and how it would assist you and fellow disabled people and ask them to at least enquire about the services by calling Gemini Parking Solutions on 0871 200 2143.

The time has come for us as disabled people to take a stand and do something positive about this problem that has been with us since disabled parking bays were introduced.

Let’s stop moaning and start acting!


  1. Gemini parking solutions is obviously a profit making company but then so are the companies that run hospital parking etc.

    I have been denied a parking space many many times because of morons that just think its nott doing any harm to park in a disabled bay. FINE them and then perhaps they wont do it again.


  2. I parked behind a taxi who was abusing a parking bay, I went into the shop taking my time, came out to find the coward trying to squeeze between my car and a lamppost mounting the pavement doing so , couldn't accept what he done and face me like a man!!

  3. Stood leaning on a bollard with my walking stick at Morrisons disabled bays for 20 minutes. In that time three cars, one after the other pulled in to the bay next to me without a disabled person or permit in sight. If I'd not been feeling so bad I would have approached them to point out error of their ways; certainly was annoyed enough.