Mazda Tempting me back to Motability

I have been toying with trading in my six year old Ford and going over to Motability but something has been holding me back, probably just me wanting to hold on to my DLA money that was until I spotted the Maxda CX-5 and started working out the for’s and against’s of leasing and not owning. 

Mazda Cx-5
Motability Leasing For’s

• Insurance paid
• Servicing included
• Breakdown cover included
• Repaired if needed
• Tax paid

Motability Leasing Against 

• Never own the vehicle

Oh dear, can’t think of anymore but after working out the cost to purchasing a car, lets use the Mazda CX-5 as an example and the depreciation, running cost, insurance, servicing etc after 3 years it comes to more than I would pay out to lease a brand new one via Motabity! 

So why the Mazda CX-5

Come on, you don’t need to be a petrol head to see the beauty in the design, it’s a good size SUV that is easy for me to get in and out of, great boot space for even my rigid frame wheelchair and claimed 5th place in the top 100 cars in the Auto Express Driver Power Survey 2013, 47.10 MPG (combined) front and rear parking sensors (I need them trust me) Bluetooth, cruise control, privacy glass, fog light and a ton of exciting stuff in the cabin including push button start. 

Currently the Mazda Cx 5 165Ps Se L 2Wd is being offered by Jennings Mazda with a low one off advanced payment on Motability. (see current details for price changes)

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  1. Amazing the vaste selection of cars now available on the motability scheme, soooooooooooo many to choose from :)