What Disabled Sports are There

If like me you have been watching the Paralympics and thinking mmmmmmmmmm maybe it would be nice to get involved in some sort of sport but not sure what is out there, then please check out our very comprehensive disabled sports section inside the ABLEize disability directory.

Sport is not just about winning gold medals, to the everyday man and woman on the street disabled sport is about getting involved with others socially, enjoying the participation and of course maybe even getting a bit fitter. 

You might want to choose something as relaxing as wheelchair rambling, bowls or even horseriding for the disabled, on the other hand there are plenty of sports aimed at the more enthusiastic including wheelchair basketball, fencing, rugby and netball as well as golf, tennis and of course archery and hey even skiing.

There are numerous sports out there and you would be surprised how local many of the clubs are and remember that sports such as fishing, flying, shooting etc are often catered for within non-disabled designated clubs.

All you need to do is to go along, check out the club and decide if you want to give it a go. You won't lose anything but you may gain a brand-new and very valuable social activity!

Check out the Ableize disabled sports section by clicking this link disabled sports.
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  1. Ableize is a great organization. While disability is no curse, it has been scorned upon for a long time. Organization such as Ableize and many others have been a great strength for the disabled who want to lead a normal life. And yeah Paralympics are a wonderful symbol of how disabled are not less than others. In fact they are not disabled, they are just 'different abeled'. Cheers!

  2. Many thanks for your kind words Dormeo and I like the suttle link, so much better than the 100's I delete lol.