Channel 4 Paralympics Terrible Coverage

Who ever gave Channel 4 the rights to broadcast the Paralympics should be strung up by the short and curlies. Coverage up until now has been nothing short of atrocious.

I have tried to watch wheelchair rugby on three occasions now but Channel 4 does not appear to be showing it or if they are certainly not telling us the viewer when it will be shown! After searching through the television listings, on the Channel 4 website and through the so-called Paralympic blog my blood got to boiling point and I decided to call them up on the phone this is a reply to why we cannot watch individual sports such as wheelchair rugby. 

I was told that there are no scheduled times for the programmes to be shown and that even though the TV synopsis tells us that for example swimming will be shown what they actually mean is it is a combination of sports and if you are prepared to sit through around 3 to 4 hours you may eventually find the program comes on albeit a clip rather than the full coverage. 

Apparently the Channel 4 website will not be repeating any of these sports online, so basically if you are looking to watch a specific sport you are stuffed! It would seem that the Paralympics is more about how much advertising Channel 4 can generate rather than giving us the viewer anything short of a second rate service!


What Disabled Sports are There

If like me you have been watching the Paralympics and thinking mmmmmmmmmm maybe it would be nice to get involved in some sort of sport but not sure what is out there, then please check out our very comprehensive disabled sports section inside the ABLEize disability directory.

Sport is not just about winning gold medals, to the everyday man and woman on the street disabled sport is about getting involved with others socially, enjoying the participation and of course maybe even getting a bit fitter. 

You might want to choose something as relaxing as wheelchair rambling, bowls or even horseriding for the disabled, on the other hand there are plenty of sports aimed at the more enthusiastic including wheelchair basketball, fencing, rugby and netball as well as golf, tennis and of course archery and hey even skiing.

There are numerous sports out there and you would be surprised how local many of the clubs are and remember that sports such as fishing, flying, shooting etc are often catered for within non-disabled designated clubs.

All you need to do is to go along, check out the club and decide if you want to give it a go. You won't lose anything but you may gain a brand-new and very valuable social activity!

Check out the Ableize disabled sports section by clicking this link disabled sports.
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Forgotten Paralympic Stars "Where's Karen Watts"

I'm sure we all agree that each and every one of the Paralympians are stars whether they get to the medals podium or not, one thing that does niggle me though is if you look back through the years you will struggle to find much detail about past Paralympic gold medallists. Compare this to any Olympic medallist, gold or not and you will see a massive difference. Here is an example.

I have been trying to trace details about Karen Watts, who won not only one but two gold medals in Seoul in 1988, Try searching and all you will find is a small mention on the archerygb.org site, and that is a PDF download with no more information than the name, a name mentioned on a medal chart on the Wikipedia. Compared this to any "Olympic" medallist and you will find Wikipedia articles, profiles details of their life, images, news stories etc.

We are constantly being told that the Paralympics is as important as the Olympics, if this is the case then why can we not ensure that the medal winners of today are not forgotten tomorrow!

We have a long way to go before equality truly exists.

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