Advice on Buying a Disabled Vehicle

Today, the UK Mobility Scheme has made it so much easier for a family with a disabled family member to travel around more comfortably – and conveniently. The scheme provides a chance for disabled individuals to have some independence back in their lives through the opportunities of disabled cars and wheelchair access vehicles designed for everyday travel in and around the UK.

More About the Mobility Scheme

There are many ways that the UK government can help financially those living with a disability; vehicles and transport is one of the key areas of help available. The UK Mobility Scheme can help with anyone in need of a wheelchair, scooter, a car or a van for getting around. Those who are eligible in this scheme will be able to exchange their mobility allowance for a vehicle from a registered supplier. If you are looking for a new vehicle, always be sure to choose a recommended supplier with all the right credentials. Allied Mobility is the UK’s leading supplier of disabled vehicles and can offer a whole range of vehicles including cars which can be driven from the wheelchair or cars with wheelchair access at the back.

Other benefits you will receive include the Blue Badge Parking Scheme and vehicle tax exemption. To claim for tax reduction, find out more information and learn how to apply on the Gov.uk information website.

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Needs

The advancements in the technology now provide a full range of options for people living with disabilities. To find the right vehicle, always speak to a leading supplier to discuss the options available.

Wheelchair accessible cars, like many modern day vehicles, are now available either new or used. So if you are funding the costs of the car on your own, you will have a number of options across all price ranges. Financing is often available with disabled vehicles should you not qualify for the Mobility Scheme discounts.

Another option is the self-drive disabled vehicle which allows a wheelchair user to drive the car from their wheelchair. This amazing advancement promotes an independent life and makes travel much easier. The Peugeot Impulse is one of these incredible modern motors; with a ramp installed at the back and a spacious rear area, it offers the flexibility of being driven up front or for wheelchair users to travel as a passenger.

The Peugeot Impulse offers families an all-round vehicle that can be used in any situation. To find out more about this car and how it drives, take a look at this YouTube video.


Disabled man not allowed to use his wheelchair

36 year old disabled guy Jim Starr purchased a special tracked wheelchair to get access to the countryside and the beach and has been told he CANNOT use it in any public areas unless the takes and passes a driving test similar to the test tank drivers need to pass.

I guess the bureaucrats think Jim's mighty machine will do damage to the beach, hell best ban kids digging on the beach then and doing dreadful things like moving the sand about to build castles.

One reason Jim bought the machine was because the countryside is unaccessible to his standard wheelchair, well Jim i'd say you carry on buddy and if they try to stop you ask them why they are failing under the DDA to make reasonable adjustments to footpaths and public council owned areas for wheelchairs!

View video By CLICKING here
Also see Ableize Countryside Disabled Access.


Government plans stop paying DLA

The Government has said that it plans to stop paying Disability Living Allowance (DLA) mobility component to people living in residential care from October 2012.

This will have a massive impact on the independence of thousands of disabled people. It will mean that many will no longer be able to meet extra costs like a taxi when there's no accessible public transport, an electric wheelchair or an adapted car.

Please help by signing the petition by clicking this link, it will only take a few seconds and could make a massive difference.