Luggie Mobility Scooter Review

Been looking at lightweight mobility scooters lately, I don't often deliberately promote disability and mobility aids but every now and then a little gem jumps up and bites me so it would be silly not to share them with others that could get the benefit of them. One that really grabbed my attention is called the Luggie, it is a really neat folding lightweight mobility scooter, ideal for popping in the car for holidays, nipping around the supermarket or those days out to enjoy our new found UK sunshine (don't hold your breath it won't last!)

OK, there are a ton of folding mobility scooters out there, I hear you cry but the Luggie offers a new and innovative design, after folding, the telescopic control tiller forms part of the handle in a similar way to a suitcase and it has specially designed wheels so it can be wheeled about similar to a suitcase. I am guessing that's where the name came from i.e Luggie/luggage.

The Luggie has a lightweight lithium battery, height adjustable tiller, folding seat and folds up to 17.5 inches wide and just 25 inches tall and comes in a choice of five exciting colours.
Check out the Luggie at  www.luggiescooters.com 


  1. I agree. I recently got this and it is a great product, one of the best I've come across

  2. I would have to agree with this article, the product itself is real good and folds away nicely.

  3. great review, i bought a luggie last week, i think its a newer model as i have a large plastic handle type/bumper thing on the front so fingers crossed i wont get some problems as reported on here.
    I am really happy with it i can control the speed and its white haha.
    i can put it in my car but its unfolded ie flat and pushed into the boot
    i love it and am now thinking of taking a trip to vegas with it :)

  4. The honest review from Yorkie92 was a great help. It shows how even well-meaning manufacturers do not quite understand a basic fact. A disabled person values mobility aids that can be assembled and handled by themselves. Once you need a second able-bodies person to help you, it defeats the purpose.

    Reason - Manufacturers seldom check with disabled users when they design a product. After all, the makers never ever have to use it, right?

  5. Q Could anyone tell me what voltage is the Lithium Battery pack is please?

  6. Luggie mobility scooter is a best product for older and disabled people. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor.

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  7. Any problems using Luggie on cobble streets or on low kerbs? Is it reasonably stable ? how good are the batteries on inclines/slopes found in every city.? Would it handle cobbles found in many European cities.I currently use a pride Revo 3. This has great batteries and performance but I but would love to switch to a lighter scooter for travelling.
    Would appreciate any comments

  8. After much deliberation I have just bought a Luggie mainly to use on holidays where I struggle with extra walking . I was really upset therefore to find that P and O have recently introduced ( 2013) a policy where if you take on board any motorised scooter then you have to be booked in to a disabled cabin. This is regardless of the fact that the luggie folds up so small that it can be stood in a corner of the room or slid under the bed . In my case I don't need the scooter for everyday use and I certainly don't need disabled facilities in a cabin so I am depriving other more disabled passengers of the cabin that they might genuinely need. There is no flexibility with this policy so if you are buying a luggie for this purpose be aware . The machine itself however is great!

  9. Bought one a couple of weeks ago and agree with all the earlier comments. I take it everywhere with me. I find I can even get round stores that have very narrow aisles. Great product which I would recommend to anyone.

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  11. The nice thing about a scooter is that you like it and enjoy it. This is a very nice looking scooter and its best function as you said that it folds like a luggage. This is an interesting mobility scooter.

  12. Hi
    Just bought a new Luggie following an excellent demonstration from Keith their representative. I purchased my new machine from an acquaintance whose husband had unfortunately died a year ago and never got to use this wonderful machine. My Luggie doesn't have the latest variable speed dial so I just taped some hard sponge to the handlebar to restrict the trigger to about 3mph this allows my wife to walk alongside and is perfect for walking our Golden Retriever Archie and also extends the battery life.
    Top speed is a lively 6mph, ( more than claimed.)..and hill climbing ability is astonishing even at half speed. Here on the West Sussex coast we have some severe gradients but the Luggie coped with three one in four gradients in succession without a hint of effort! The battery indicator soon moves to about half way into the dark green zone but don't be alarmed; mine didn't fall any further even after 8 miles. It will cope with light terrain with no problem, one just needs to look ahead and plan accordingly; bearing in mind it's narrow dimensions, approach hazards square on. So to sum up: a beautiful, compact, unique, design, well made with excellent performance. You get what you pay for but I think the price is a little high and would appeal to a wider public if it was pitched a little lower or perhaps including an accessory or two might make it more attractive. Nevertheless I wouldn't have purchased anything else as the Luggie is the only machine on the market which meets my criteria. It will even fit into the passenger seat of my Mazda MX5 sports car - well it seemed a good idea at the time!
    The astonishing Luggie has made a huge difference to my quality of life and we look forward to some great adventures together.


  13. janette Chapman8 March 2015 at 17:51

    Hello, Just purchased a Luggie second hand. Was ok but now the tiller is jammed. The black handle doesn't do anything at all. Nothings dropped off so I assume I am doing something wrong, any help please Jan

    1. Hi Janette, I sent your question direct to the guys at Luggie, here is their reply:

      It depends which part of the tiller they are talking about, if it is on the height adjustable part then the clamps may have been over tightened and caused the tubing to change shape? Or if it's the tiller release handle (the one that pulls out to adjust the angle and fold flat the tiller) then the handle could have been pulled too hard and broke the cable, or if it hasn't been well maintained the gears may have jammed in the mechanism itself. Without seeing it, it is very difficult to know for sure. If they contact 0845 850 0528 they can speak to an engineer who can advise and supply parts of required...

      Hope this helps