Luggie Mobility Scooter Review

Been looking at lightweight mobility scooters lately, I don't often deliberately promote disability and mobility aids but every now and then a little gem jumps up and bites me so it would be silly not to share them with others that could get the benefit of them. One that really grabbed my attention is called the Luggie, it is a really neat folding lightweight mobility scooter, ideal for popping in the car for holidays, nipping around the supermarket or those days out to enjoy our new found UK sunshine (don't hold your breath it won't last!)

OK, there are a ton of folding mobility scooters out there, I hear you cry but the Luggie offers a new and innovative design, after folding, the telescopic control tiller forms part of the handle in a similar way to a suitcase and it has specially designed wheels so it can be wheeled about similar to a suitcase. I am guessing that's where the name came from i.e Luggie/luggage.

The Luggie has a lightweight lithium battery, height adjustable tiller, folding seat and folds up to 17.5 inches wide and just 25 inches tall and comes in a choice of five exciting colours.
Check out the Luggie at  www.luggiescooters.com