Not Dreaming of a White Christmas

I’m NOT dreaming of a white Christmas. No its not me being Scrooge, how dare you humbugs assume that lol Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing everywhere white and crisp and even but it’s a pig to get about in when you have a disability, wheelchairs won’t more through the stuff and trying to walk on crutches is a big mistake as the bruises on my back could prove.

No, while the white stuff hits the deck I shall do all my shopping from the comfort of my chair, one eye on the PC screen, the other looking out the window.

So on that note I shall wish you all a very happy Christmas, be safe out there if you are travelling remember, if you get stuck in a jam its not the end of the world, the main thing is you reach your destination safely.

Have a good one and I hope 2011 brings you everything you dream of.

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