Buying Gifts for a Disabled Person

I over heard a relative ask my wife “what does your disabled husband want for Christmas”

Call me cynical if you like but Auntie Thelma asking what a “disabled” person want’s for Christmas comes across as a wee bit discriminatory due to the emphases on “disability” may be she was expecting the reply of , well, he would really love a shinny new pair of crutches, maybe even some high gloss polish to make his wheelchair rims gleam.

Aiming those un-imaginative gift ideas at disability only is a bit like assuming we can only buy kitchen device for women or DIY tools for the men or what colour slippers should I buy Granddad! Mmmmmmm thinking about this a bit deeper now, as my Granddad has about 200 pairs of slippers maybe it’s Granddads that are being discriminated against; Grandadascrimination perhaps.

But seriously, all these gifts are great when purchased for a reason or of course as a very valuable necessity in many cases; so this year I am again aiming at being practical so will only buy Granddad slippers if his mysteriously all get stolen in the night by the slipper pixies.

Last year for example I bought him a walking stick, not because I could not think of anything else or even because the slipper shop was closed, no it was given great thought and was very gratefully received and is used everyday, probably because it was neatly personalises and it folded up when he didn't need.

So gift ideas for this year are again going to be practical and if a daily living aid is practical then a daily living aid it will be and I am sure it will be very well received and used rather than sit in a cupboard waiting to be redistributed as a gift for Auntie Thelma next year.

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