Disabled Gardening Products

Every now and then a bunch of new ideas aimed at making our life easier jumps out and bites me, the latest being disabled gardening products and aids, a while back I told you about the Garden Flower Wheel a great but simple idea that makes tending potted flowers easy from a wheelchair position.

Well now a new company has sprouted from the soil of the well fertilized World Wide Web designed at making our lives easier. Hi Grow Accessible Gardening an apply named play on the words "Hi" and "Grow" is a Yorkshire based company run by Robin Rose (OK quit the gardening/rose jokes this guy's for real and serious with it) I was very impressed with his accessible growing products (click the link for details)
Hi Grow banner image
With wheelchair accessible growing stations, tool racks, window box grow bags and varied height plant racks suitable for children, older people and those with disabilities they are not only fashionable and well designed but dam practical to boot.

OK, this is all starting to sound like sales pitch but what the hell, when a new bunch of ideas springs onto the market that is designed to make disabled peoples lives easy I am prepared to shout about it and these accessible gardening products are worth a shout or two.

Check them out and start enjoying that much loved hobby of gardening. You don't have to give up gardening just because you have a disability!

Roll on next summer!

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  1. Hi Robin,

    SeedBallz are easy for us in wheelchairs to plant. The directions are simple. 1. Place ball on soil in pot or on ground in full sun – don’t bury! 2. Keep moist, water as needed. That’s it! Soon you will enjoy bouquets of wildflower blossoms. I placed a ball in a pot on my deck and the wild flowers quickly grew! Check out my review @ http://thetravelingwheelchair.com/?s=Seedzball

    Hope you are well!

    Your friend, Kenny