Big Brother & Disabled Housemates

Ableize was approached last time round before the Big Brother line up was chosen (Dec 2009) by the producers of Big Brother to help find a disabled housemate, we spent a great deal of time and effort publicising their search and low and behold, no disabled member was included in the show.

We vowed not to assist them again if we were contacted because we knew many disabled members applied, as none get through we felt it was purely Channel 4 attempting to be ‘seen to be’ politically correct and sending out the message that they intend to include a disabled person on the show but never got round to it!

Well, we are now at the final Big Brother show (thank god for that I hear you cry)
In the line-up of potential disabled housemates were:

Jenna (19) – A student from Pontypridd in Wales, says she has 'disabled arms'. (Channel 4's description, not ours)

Leanne (29) - an author who lives in London and has had most of her leg removed due to cancer.

Amin (19) - he's a club dancer and actor of Iranian origin, profile describes him as a 'dwarf'. (Channel 4's words, not ours, we prefer to refer to such people as those of a 'small stature')

Steven (40) - ex-forces man from Leicestershire, he's double amputee (legs) and also lost of one eye in service.

So, are there any disabled housemates that made it onto the show this time? Well yes, there is, Steve the ex-forces amputee injured while on patrol in Belfast. OK, call me cynical but has he been chosen because he is an ‘ex-serviceman’ injured representing for his country and he will of course and rightly so be representing our brave boys on TV to the world, he openly states to ‘lobby for the rights of soldiers who have been injured’ and why not, it’s a dam worthy cause.

I’m not for one second suggesting that Steve does not deserve his place and publicity on the one eyed monster that sits in the corner of my lounge, no but I do ponder on the question of:

Would there be a disabled person in the Big Brother house if he was not an injured soldier?

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