A few Accessibility PC tricks

A couple of quick tips for making your PC more accessible. If you know of any good ones please POST them and I will get them added.

1: Enlarger your web broswer:
Most vision impaired people know this one but for those that don't and want your web browser/web sites to appear larger simply:

Hold down the Ctrl key and press + to enlarge, Ctrl - to make smaller again.

2: Pressing multiple keys:Accessibility Options logo
For those of you that have problems holding down multiple keys, Alt, Ctrl, Delete for example do the following:

On your PC go to Start then Control Panel click Accessibility Options then put a tick in the box that says Use Sticky Keys click OK. and close the page. Then try it out by pressing the following 1 at a time Ctrl then the - key (next to the 0 zero key) as described in the 1st thread.

Got anymore, please share them.

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