Blogger alt image text for the blind

On a note most visitors here will find mind numbingly boring but very much worth a mention is how the blind and vision impaired see/read images in websites and blogs such as this one. This blogger template is supplied by good old Google but does not allow us and other webmasters to automatically include the VERY important alt text or alt tag to images on the new blogger system, old system yes but the new one nooooo.

OK, I hear most of you screaming at your monitors asking 'what the hell is this guy on about' Let me explain before you go off and hide in a darkened room.
Cute puppy picture
Image alt text (or for the techy minded alt="your text here") is an html web code used to place text over an image when you run your mouse over it, or more importantly what blind readers see to tell the blind user what the image is. See image right when you put your mouse over it. (note: if viewing through Firefox you won't see the text but blind readers will)

The posts entered below this one will not offer this but from now on I shall add the html alt code manually because I know how important this is to the blind and visually impaired, just a shame Google missed it but as this post will be popping up in search engines perhaps our kindly friends over at Google will be kind enough to include the alt="your text here" command on future new versions in the Google blogger template coding.

Gripe end! :)

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